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Obtaining an access card

When you start, you can only come during the "core" hours (which is not bad!). When you feel ready (it usually takes a month), talk to Gilles and switch to one of the unlimited plans (Hobby, Pro, Pro +).

To give you an idea, here is a small indicative checklist.

Before applying for the card:

  • Have gone through the "starter" formula
  • Know some micro makers
  • Achieve a certain autonomy in your projects
  • Use Slack and turn its notifications
  • Participate / help the community / setting up / organizing the workshop
  • Know how to open / close doors and lights
  • Have followed the training "the basics of the Micro Factory and security" (free once / month or on demand but paid).

When you have the card:

  • Know how the alarm works
  • Participate in the guest tour
  • Know how to do the check out

Being an host

If you are registered, you know how it works: someone who is starting out can only come during core hours:

  • Wednesday 7 pm-10pm
  • Friday 2 p.m.-6 p.m.
  • Sunday 4 pm-7pm.

It allows newcomers to understand the mindset, the way things work, make contacts, ask questions and be trustworthy.

To ensure presence during these core hours ("permanence"), all those who have an access card rotate to be a host a few times a year. To choose your dates, register on this board. This is essential. If you don't do it, it's like everything else, it's the others who "end up doing it". By the way, for info, here is the leader board.

As a host:

  • You first make sure to be present during your session and that the newcomers can come in even though they do not have an access card.
  • you are the privileged contact for newcomers; that doesn't mean you have to know everything, just that you have to help them figure out how to meet their needs.
  • you welcome visitors by giving them a guided tour (a priori one group tour per session) as you yourself probably had during your first visit. Here's a script about what to say besides the simple description of the place and the tools.
  • you make a little more effort than usual to improve the space (put some order, take out the trash, improve a place, give an explanation, improve or write documentation ...)

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